Bring in the New Year

New Year's PlaylistYou don’t always have to be in a club or listening to Top 40 to turn up on a Tuesday.  In celebration of the new year, we’re bringing you the ten tracks that got us pumped from beginning to end on our own New Year’s Eve.  We enjoy everything from metalcore covers to German dubcore (yes, that’s a thing), so without further ado, relive the soundtrack of our night that got our 2015 started.

“High & Low” by Palisades
Despite what the purists might say, hardcore isn’t only defined by its guitar chords. Sometimes, a truly epic hardcore breakdown comes with electronic riff overlays. Bottom line is hardcore kids need something to fist pump to, and that’s why this Palisades anthem is first on our New Year’s list.–Taylor Markarian

“Sippin 40s” by Follow My Lead
This breakdown, unclean-vocal filled track of total debauchery could only be sung by an Irish band (recently signed to Fearless Records) who truly know how to party.  Whereas most of FML’s music takes a very serious point of view,  both lyrically and musically, “Sippin 40s” is simply a fun track to let loose to and kick start one crazy night.–Natasha Van Duser

“Why Worry” by Set It Off
While this soulful, gospel influenced jam is not the typical “pump up” tune, it sure as hell sends one epic message: “Why Worry?”  Cody Carson says it right, so have the time of your life and let the melodic vocal riffs of Carson’s voice carry the sentiment on throughout your entire year.–NVD

We Are The Mess by Eskimo Callboy
The lines “Baby, let me be your bartender/let’s get fucked up ’til we can’t remember” just gets me every time.  This dubstep influenced post-hardcore band from Germany has a serious eye for successfully crossing musical genres, and this anthem to drunken nights just seals the deal.  Hand me that shot glass.–NVD

“One For The Money” by Escape The Fate
80’s metal bands may have done it first, but Escape The Fate brought it back for this rockstar track. We’re speaking, of course, of the Jack Daniels stage bath. Watch the video below for some pointers on how to ring in 2015 like a legend.–TKM

“Fashionably Late” by Falling In Reverse
Some of you may find it weird that we’re putting an Escape The Fate song and a Falling In Reverse song next to each other. But in light of their reconciliatory Bury The Hatchet Tour almost a year ago today, we at HXC feel confident putting these hardcore ragers right in a row. So as scene king Ronnie Radke says, “Everybody sing along.”–TKM

“Mistakes” by Breathe Carolina
Our mistakes really are ours to make, so let’s make some with kick ass backbeats in the background.  In what became a group that transitioned from the dance side of the post-hardcore scene into full on electro-pop, the roots of Breathe Carolina still translate into a great dance track for any non-mainstream party.–NVD

Really Don’t Care by Something  You Whisper
People like to make fun of Canada for being a bit too nice, but you’re likely to find more of a vengeful streak in this rocked out cover of Demi Lovato’s hit song. Turn the volume up as loud as you can and dance around your room with a pretend hairbrush and an air guitar. We won’t tell.–TKM

“Glad You Came” by We Came As Romans
I truly hate the original version of this song by The Wanted, but when the hard-hitting vocals of David Stephens come in on this WCAR cover, I just lose it.  The catchy, poppy beats of “Glad You Came” are only paralleled by the booming breakdown that just knocks my colorful socks off.–NVD

“Alejandro” by Helia
This cover came out some years ago, but it’s still one of our faves. From pop punk to crabcore, this band takes Lady Gaga to a whole new level. And really, how sick are those drum fills?–TKM

Click below to listen to the full playlist on Spotify and YouTube!

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