Christopher Tito of Zoúme

Photo by Brenda Céspedes.

Webster Hall is a New York City music venue needing no introduction; a fact well-represented by the black-lettered “Most Tweeted Venue of 2014” printed above the entrance. Yet while many know of the neon-clothed ravers that attend the EDM shows held there, The Studio in the basement remains a haven for the hardcore. It is there in that dark cove of headbangers that we at HXC Magazine became aware of a person who occupies the venue as if he himself holds up the walls. Without fail, every time we attended a show at The Studio @ Webster Hall this person, to whom we affectionately referred as the “Kellin Quinn look-alike,” (so dubbed because the resemblance has affirmed my belief in doppelgängers) would be front and center. He became a fixture for us, a kind of skinny-jean’ed Where’s Waldo. Upon attending the Palisades album release show on January 6th and witnessing him hop on stage for a fierce vocal guest spot during For All I Am’s set, we learned his name is Christopher Tito, he is the vocalist for the NYC metalcore/post-hardcore band Zoúme, and he is an HXC Diehard.

We’ve seen you at a bunch of Webster Hall shows before: Alesana, Vanna, Texas In July, Palisades. How often do you go to shows there?

Oh man, pretty much any time I see one my favorite bands, which is almost every band for me. I’ll go there maybe once a month, but pretty much every show within that genre, you can see me there for sure.

Is The Studio @ Webster Hall your favorite venue?

I think The Studio might be my favorite venue because there are no barriers; there’s nothing stopping us from connecting with the artists on stage. Yeah, Webster Hall is definitely my favorite venue, for sure.

Is that your favorite part about going to shows? Being able to interact with the bands?

100%. Especially nowadays when I’m trying to do my own music thing, and it’s awesome when these bands are super nice to you and they give you advice. My favorite part is getting to know the bands.

Did you know For All I Am before you saw them play the Palisades Album Release Show?

Actually, back in December my band and For All I Am played a show together with a band called Famous Last Words. We opened up for them at this venue called Coco 66 in Brooklyn. Through that show, I met [Aria] and talked to him and he was a huge fan of the band and after that we kept in contact and became friends.

Did you plan to get up on stage to do a vocal guest spot during their set?

Back in December I was telling him after the show, ‘Hey man, next time you guys come through, I promise I’ll know every lyric off the album.’ Literally the night before the [Palisades] show, I messaged him on Twitter and I asked him and he said, ‘Yeah man, go for it.’

Photo of Zoúme by Calvin To
Photo by Calvin To

Do you do guest spots a lot?

I do it for a lot of my friends’ bands. I did it for my friend’s band, In Loving Memory. Other than that, I did it back in December of 2012 for this band called Make Me Famous at their last show. So I do it every once in a while, but I’m looking forward to doing it more.

You’re the vocalist for the band Zoúme. Being a New York based band, how would you describe the New York City hardcore scene?

It is a challenge to get their attention and to get them to like you, but at the end of the day once you’ve got their attention they can be really supportive. I’ll definitely say it’s hard in other cities and other local scenes but the hardcore scene here is amazing, and I think through time it’s only going to get better.

Who are you most inspired by?

It might sound kind of corny, but Craig Mabbitt from Escape The Fate. He was basically everything I was at my age and now he’s doing all these big things.

I have to ask: Blessthefall or Escape The Fate?

Shit. I’d say Escape The Fate, just because he’s been through so much shit with Escape The Fate and they still haven’t broken up yet. So I have to give it to him.

Do people point out that you look like Kellin Quinn a lot?

[Laughs] All the fuckin’ time. When I go to an All Time Low concert or Pierce The Veil, even the Bring Me The Horizon show back in March, it gets crazy. At the end of the day, Kellin Quinn is a good looking guy and he’s in a successful band so I just see it as a compliment. Always say thank you.

Other than yourself, who do you think is another HXC Diehard?

Definitely my friend Leonel [Salcedo] from CrossHeart Industry. He’s been in the scene for 3 years, and he goes to every show—every show. He pitches all these bands for free. So I’d definitely say Leo from CrossHeart Industry. Number one person.

Photo by Brenda Céspedes.
Photo by Brenda Céspedes.

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