Keep Warm This Winter

Keep Warm This Winter

Cold got you down? Temperatures far below 32 degrees keeping you holed up on the couch? Fear not!  We’ve got 10 great tracks for you right here that will help you trek through the harsh winter outside and remind you of the warmer weather right on the horizon.  Take a look at our ten tracks to keep you warm this winter:

 “The Match” – Asking Alexandria

Finding motivation in the bitter, dark winter months can be almost impossible. When the task of leaving your bed seems too great a challenge, ignite a fire under yourself and “Get up / Get up / Get off your fucking feet” by pumping “The Match” through your speakers.–Taylor Markarian

“Speak of the Devil” by A Day To Remember

This track is a total ADTR classic, still displaying that raw transitional period from playing heavy breakdowns with pop punk to what would officially became “popcore.”  ADTR has also become such a staple in the summer festival scene, that you can’t help but think of the warmer months to come.–Natasha Van Duser

 “Standing On The Ashes” – Blessthefall

Once you’re done setting the world ablaze, stand tall in the aftermath with this blaring Blessthefall anthem. Chanting choruses gang up with guitar squealies and vicious drumming for a relentless track that will make you forget about the frostbite in your toes.–TK

“Fire it Up” by Escape The Fate

This song was just made for summertime road trips and will give you something to look forward to in the depths of winter.  It’s got a total classic metal groove with the constant reminder to “fire it up” both in context of the song, in which the breakdown mimics gunfire, as well as the rev you feel in your engine while blasting it at 60mph.–NVD

“I Survive” – We Came As Romans

As WCAR croon in the pre-chorus (“So weathered / Worn and battered / I will stay”), sometimes it takes a lot of determination to trek through harsh conditions. When it’s 10 degrees with wind chill and the ice on your front steps threatens to put your life in peril, all you have to do is press play on this inspirational and appropriately named track to get you through.–TK

“Fire” by PVRIS

“Fire” is easily the snarkiest, most anger driven track on PVRIS’ debut record White Noise and its punchy beats, biting lyrics, and catchy chorus will amp you up as you trek through another storm brought on by Jack Frost. Just keep singing “We’re burning up/Oh burning up.”–NVD

 “The Fire” – Senses Fail

The title track of Senses Fail’s 2010 album, “The Fire” appears on this playlist because both its name and its message can melt the cold. Marked by incendiary and honest lyrics that deal with themes of personal transformation and rebirth, “The Fire” is a scorching track with the ability to comfort those of us who wander.–TK

“Pride Alone Won’t Put This Fire Out” by The Venetia Fair

If the music played in Wild West saloons could be turned into rock ‘n’ roll, it would sound exactly like the amped up flair for the dramatic that is The Venetia Fair.  Not only is this song upbeat, fun, and whimsical to keep you out of a winter funk, the video for it will awkwardly inspire you to dance your heart out.–NVD

“I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket” – Pierce The Veil

More of a slow jam, “I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket” proves yet again that Pierce The Veil is never short on sentimentality that can make you swoon. Sure, there’s a hint of melancholy to this one, but it makes you feel not so bad about being a bit under the weather. Slip it on, get cozy, and brace yourself from the harsh winter with this ballad, like the jacket Vic Fuentes knows you desperately need.–TK

“Set it Off Like Napalm” by Emarosa

Jonny Craig’s is the man with the voice of a gospel singer who somehow ended up in the wrong music scene, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.  The line “I’m the boy that set your girl on fire” draws me in and warms me up every time.–NVD

Click below to listen to the full playlist on YouTube and Spotify!

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