This Is ‘A Tribute To Taking Back Sunday’

a tribute to taking back sunday

Alternative Press has exclusively premiered news of the upcoming A Tribute To Taking Back Sunday record with a stream of Everyone Dies In Utah’s version of “A Decade Under The Influence.” While this is not the first tributary album Pacific Ridge Records has released, it signifies something tremendously important to this music scene generally and to me personally. (Take one look at my bio and you’ll get a small impression of why that is.) Though HXC Magazine is not purposed to delivering my personal narrative, my story is bound to HXC‘s mission of making the individuals of the scene just as valued as the bands who shape it.

That fifteen bands have come together to honor and celebrate Taking Back Sunday speaks to the Long Island band’s indelible legacy. Countless artists and fans alike have been moved and impacted by the band’s music since the first time they heard “Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)” and asked, “What the fuck was that?” and hit replay for the first of many hundreds of times. As for me, Tell All Your Friends (which I have tattooed on my hand) was the record that ignited an obsession for this kind of gritty yet deft emo punk sound that consequently evolved into my love for hardcore. I credit Taking Back Sunday with not only the development of my music taste but in part to the development of my person, and A Tribute To Taking Back Sunday, set to come out April 14th, proves that many of you have been impacted the same way.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes an album or a band revolutionary or memorable; what it is that makes them almost a larger than life institution or ideology rather than a collection of people and sounds. At the heart of it, though, lies a distinct kind of genuineness and spirit. When listening to a Taking Back Sunday album there is a sense that some part of the soul has been left there. It’s raw and it lives. This new catalog of covers serves to remind us that some albums are so seminal that they manifest lives of their own and last for generations; that any individual or collection of individuals can make a lasting impression worthy of remembrance; that our scene is one that converses and feeds back into itself and truly warrants the label of community. So to the all the undying Taking Back Sunday fans who have been so long under the influence, I hope these simple words find you well.

Check out the new Everyone Dies In Utah track over at AP and pre-order the record at Bandcamp.


A Timberwolf from New Jersey.

2 thoughts on “This Is ‘A Tribute To Taking Back Sunday’”

  1. I really enjoyed your article on this tribute album. At first I thought this record was going to be a cheesey and mediocre. When I stumbled upon this, I was like, here goes another instrumental tribute album, such as the two of Taking Back Sunday tribute albums that exists. For example one being bluegrass and the other being a string quartet. Which both are interesting but admittedly not for me. The bluegrass version by “Pickn’ On Series” sounds like studio musicians re-tracking instrumentals for Karokee, furthermore the vocals sounds out of place with the country style singing that falls short, lacking the energy and emotion of Adam Lazzara and John Nolan(including Fred Mascherino, to a lesser extent Matthew Fazzi)
    The string quartet version was entertaining, it just lacks essence and substance without the vocals and lyrics.
    Taking Back Sunday a band that has really impacted me, it’s got me through very hard times and continues to. I remember discovering this band in middle school, I’m from Eugene, Oregon so at this point I had never listened to this type of music. It absolutely blew me away. Most my friends that I tried to introduce to this type of music didn’t like it or know what to think. The pop-punk/ emo wave hadn’t hit my area yet, not for a few years when I was in high school did people listen to this genre and start dress emo.
    I really really liked this T.B.S. tribute album and the artists take on the songs. It’s amazing to see that this band has influenced so many people.
    You’re so this summer
    I also hope these simple words find you,


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