Video Premiere: Stick To Your Guns “The Crown”

styg crown

Minimalism is perhaps the most common theme spread throughout hardcore.  When you embellish a basic chord progression in hardcore, suddenly it’s metalcore.  If you add lots of lights and a barrier, that local vibe is gone. You’re “selling out” in a sense. There’s a real sense of community derived from such a simple idea that you can just pick up an instrument, have a message and play it for people to hear. This is perhaps why many music videos in hardcore are homemade, live footage from shows, or simply the band playing in an empty warehouse or white room.

So what happens when a metalcore band heavily routed in the hardcore community takes a stab at it? Well, just like their music, it embellishes that idea a bit more.

The Orange County quintet Stick To  Your Guns have been riding the success of their latest album Disobedient and have just released the second music video, “The Crown,” in support of that album.   As the song and video suggest, we are but small creatures in a much bigger world, and with power in this world, as Ben Parker notes, comes great responsibility.  For a highly politically vocal band, this video has a lot to say simply through images and contrasts.  Take a look at the video below to see some pretty incredible visuals paired solely with STYG playing in a very bright, white room and let us know what you think!

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