Beach Day Playlist

beach day playlist

Everyone knows that when you’re headed to the beach, you’ve got to have a solid playlist for your ride. After all, half the fun of a road trip is blaring your favorite tracks on your way to your destination. So we’ve assembled 10 songs to help make your summer drive equal parts heavy and fun, with songs from R&B twinged Issues to metalheads Children of Bodom. Get your floaties on, folks. (PS–There might just be a BONUS VIDEO at the end…)

“Never Lose Your Flames” – Issues

Need a good tune to roll the windows down to? Speed down the highway with this Issues song. With a powerful meaning as well as a powerful hook, why wouldn’t you blare this? Its time to learn all the words, so you and your friends can scream them all the way to the beach. –Liz

“We’re All In Danger” – Dangerkids

Hopefully if you’re at the beach you won’t be in any actual danger, especially while you’re in the water. This upbeat Dangerkids anthem, however, is just as much about embracing who you are and having fun with it as it is with taking risks. Bump this and kick off your trip the right way. –TKM

“Shark Attack” – Senses Fail

So, we’re really not helping your optimism here, but it’s just too fitting to leave out. Well, that, and it’s undoubtedly one of Senses Fail’s best songs, having been included on their 2012 ‘Best Of’ album. The drums alone will be enough to get you in the zone. Just, you know, hopefully not the kill zone. Happy thoughts. –TKM

“Black Shark” – The Greenery

Remind yourself (again) of the ever-present possibility of shark attacks with this call for help from The Greenery. Then, when it’s all over and you want more, remember that shark attacks kill less people annually than vending machines. –David M.

“Stolen Credit Card!” – Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong always tries to cross over pop punk with hardcore in a very unique way, and this track off of their latest self-titled album is one of the best examples of their signature sound.  It’s the perfect jam to road trip to or blast at your day at the beach and will keep you smiling all summer long…just make sure it doesn’t lead to someone actually stealing your credit card. –NVD

“In Waves” – Trivium

The beach would be so much better if the waves looked like this Trivium single sounds. But since your (and my) waves are probably about one foot high, wishful thinking and Floridian metal will have to do. –David M.

“Bodom Beach Terror” – Children of Bodom

Nothing says the beach more than angry Norwegians that look like they’re afraid of the sun to come and brutalize your ear drums. Blast this decade-old song to scare away the seagulls and the annoying sand-kicking children.–David M.

“My Own Summer” – Eskimo Callboy

In case the title wasn’t clue enough, Eskimo Callboy clearly made one of the best summer jams to blast during the festival season.  With chugging riffs, super danceable electronica, and a chorus that will be stuck in your head all season long, EC has the anthem for your ideal sunny day.– NVD

“Right Back At It Again” – A Day To Remember

Perhaps none blend the fun-loving essence of pop punk with the aggressiveness of hardcore quite like ADTR. This beloved “popcore” band is essential to get you right back at the boardwalk. Besides, there is a cartoon manatee in this video. What more could you ask for? –TKM

“Weighted” – FrnkIero andthe Cellabration

Feeling like you want to tune back in to the teen angst of your younger days?  Frank Iero has the perfect track for you to celebrate all the trouble you can get into this summer with his single “Weighted.” And who doesn’t want to sing along to a chorus that consistently repeats “Let’s learn to laugh at ourselves again”? –NVD

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