Music Video Of The Week: Parkway Drive “Vice Grip”

parkway drive skydiving

Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive are due to release their fifth studio album, Ire, this September via Epitaph Records. The music video for the album’s first single, “Vice Grip,” was released last week, and it’s not your run of the mill music video. Why? Because the entire band literally jump out of a plane midway through.

From the very beginning, the positive message Parkway Drive aim to deliver is palpable. The song screams redemption and hope with lines: “The chains set to break your soul/ Day by day/ You know the choice you have to make/ Freeze up and fade/ Or be the flame that lights the way.” Group vocals join in to express the band’s call for people to help one another, echoed in the performance they give after their big dive.

Ire will be available in stores September 25th and is now available for preorder. Check out the flying Australians below.

by David Marulanda

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