Against Me! Play The Fillmore Silver Spring 06.21.15

Photo by Abby LeNoir





Usually when you go to shows and the headliner walks off stage you hear people chanting “Encore!” or “One more song!”  But that’s not the case for the punk quartet Against Me! When you hear a packed club venue as large as The Fillmore Silver Spring screaming the first name of vocalist Laura Jane Grace in unison for minutes on end it’s not about over excitement for the face of a band, it’s about acceptance.

Walking out on stage with a black tank top that read in bold white letters “Gender Is Over,” Grace put her foot down to prove that everyone can be who they want to be and find a way to be accepted for it.  Not only was this proven in her total ownership of the stage, but in her mindbogglingly talented vocals as she opened with “I Was A Teenage Anarchist,” throwing the crowd into a frenzy as they packed on top of one another to get closer.

FrnkIero andthe Cellabration; Photo by Abby LeNoir

Melding fan favorites such as “Thrash Unreal” and newer jams such as “Black Me Out,” Against Me! showed they are just as strong as ever, and still highly influential in the punk scene.  Because yes, as long as someone still wants to give punk a voice, punk will remain alive, and kids from all over the DC and Maryland area will flock to watch it take place.

Against Me! is fully aware of this, as they brought two of the most punk-influenced bands of today on tour with them. With the prog punk rockers that made up Annie Girl and The Flight and the New Jersey legend that is FrnkIero andthe Cellabration, the crowd erupted from the first chord of the night.  Annie Girl and The Flight displayed that sometimes being technical can translate well into the underground with tracks like “Bodies,” while Frank Iero and his crew created more of a basement show vibe with hits like “Weighted,” and the ever out of place but always fun, “Xmas Sux.”

Photo by Abby LeNoir
Photo by Abby LeNoir

When LJG and company arrived back on stage to perform their encore it wasn’t the acoustic jam sesh or three following songs that made the crowd ignite, but the collective look on the band’s beaming faces as they realized that music does still mean something to kids, whether they are the 15-year-old watching her first show on the sidelines or the 28-year-old going berserk all night in the pit.  Punk is clearly still alive, it comes in all shapes and forms, and it still has something to say, you just have to know where to look.

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