Record Review: Fit For An Autopsy – ‘Absolute Hope Absolute Hell’


Three albums into their career and Fit For An Autopsy are finding themselves approaching the forefront of deathcore. Their latest release, Absolute Hope Absolute Hell, breathes some fresh air into the genre and separates the band from the pack. The album isn’t fully original, but it does contain some aspects you wouldn’t expect and is devoid of some you would. It begins with a brief haunting melody before the aggression kicks in full blast. The tone is set from there. “Out to Sea” and “Swing the Axe” bring slow, peaceful guitar chords before the drums smash through.

Absolute Hope Absolute Hell is not laden with breakdowns and it’s more melodic than its competitors, with instances of singing or chanting. “Ghosts in the River” is as progressive as deathcore can get. The song’s vocals can almost be called singing. However, it is still undoubtedly violent and burns with an insatiable disgust of humanity’s crimes. “God is a lie and man is a failure,” growls Joe Badolato matter-of-factly in “Saltwound.”

Fit For An Autopsy don’t do violence for the sake of violence. This record is an attempt to do more than just make an album. It is a genre freshener, a topic of conversation, a game changer. It is also not too different. It tiptoes the line between being what you thought it would be and surprising you with being unique. It is something you want to listen to, and multiple times. Absolute Hope Absolute Hell is one of those albums that will receive more credit in hindsight than at first, and it will deserve it.

by David Marulanda 

Four Star Rating

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