ROCKtober Playlist


If Halloween isn’t your favorite holiday, you’re just not brutal enough. Here are 13 spooky, gory, and all-around badass tracks for you to get your creep on. And if your favorite horror-themed song isn’t on this list, let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear what you’re listening to this fall.

“Devil’s Night” – Motionless In White 

Like you didn’t see this one coming a mile away. No self-respecting Halloween/October playlist would be complete without some MIW. “Devil’s Night” is the perfect song to get you revved up for a night of mischief. – TKM

“It’s Just Me” – Escape The Fate

If you can’t actually spend Halloween at a creepy carnival, this song will be enough to simulate the experience. The lines “Just a little more/ Come on and terrify me” will be your new mantra.

“Y’all With the Vampire Squad” – Greeley Estates

Have some fun and feel ten years younger this Halloween with this decade old screamo treat. Or feel bad about not fitting in your old costumes. Up to you. – David M.

“All My Friends Are Dead” – Turbonegro

The go-to song for all those angry days. When your toast falls butter side down, when you’re 20 minutes late to work because of traffic, when every single thing goes wrong and all you want to do is scream–this is the song to play. – Maria S.

“Buried Alive” – Get Scared

Get Scared’s entire upcoming new record, Demons, could probably go on this list. But for now, let’s just jam to the first single “Buried Alive” and blast this perfect blend of heavy and catchy.

“Buried Alive” – Creature Feature

Yes, two songs with the same name. Get over it. Creature Feature was formed on Halloween and their entire discography sounds like the maniacal brainchild of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton. This song borrows from all things Edgar Allan Poe; not to mention, it’ll make you want to get up and dance like the goth kids from South Park.

“Kill All Your Friends” – My Chemical Romance

A rock opera-esque song that was a B-side on The Black Parade. It brings out a fire in me and makes me want to jump down the street crunching leaves in my wake. – Maria S.

“Dear Old Friend” – The Plot In You

Not only does it hit the feels, but it has one of the most haunting choruses I’ve heard this year. This is one of those songs you play on repeat while driving on a rainy night. You might be driving home from Starbucks, or even a cemetery–I guess it depends on the person! – Justin L.

“Death & Birth of A Ghost” – Dead End Path

Take the brutal path this October with some unfeeling, no-fucks-given hardcore. It also pairs well with your murder-personified costume. – David M.

“Mask Maker” – Fit For An Autopsy

October is about Halloween and Halloween is about spooky shit. If there was a mask that could capture all the evil and emotion in Mask Maker it would be the scariest thing to wear this Halloween. Blast this track loud. – David M.

“Blood Moon” – Make Them Suffer

Most people think of Halloween as a time to go apple picking, pumpkin carving, and even enjoy the lovely taste of a pumpkin spice latte. Me on the other hand, I sit back and enjoy the darkness this month brings us! Whether its the death of all the nature around us or dwelling on the insanity lingering in each of our minds, October is the month for those lovely thoughts! Not only is the song about Schizophrenia, but the lyrics are oh so haunting as well! – Justin L.

“Limbo” – Reflections

When I think of Halloween, I think of Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason and any other lunatic walking the streets or forests at night with a bloodied machete. For this reason, I picked the Reflections song “Limbo.” The background ambient noise reminds me of something that would be featured in a horror film during a slow and dramatic chase scene. Am I sick and twisted? Yeah! But so is this song, so check it out! – Justin L.

“Decayin’ With The Boys” – Every Time I Die

Decay at your friend’s house party with this deadly track. You may not make it out alive, but maybe you can become best zombie buds with the band. But seriously, watch out for that crocodile. (Or is it an alligator?) – TKM

Listen to HXC‘s “ROCKtober Playlist” in full on Spotify and YouTube below!

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