LIVE SHOTS: Not So Summer Slam ’16

When you go to a date of a big headlining tour with hundreds of other people in the room and a stage yards away and above, you can have tons of fun. But spending a whole day in a small room of locals where everyone knows each other and bands and fans share the same graffitied floor is a different feeling altogether. You’re not there for a show anymore, you’re there because you’re a bunch of people who connect through loud sounds and spray painted walls.

HXC Magazine spent January 16th at the Overspray in Staten Island doing just that: supporting local music and supporting friends in probably the sickest venue around. The Not So Summer Slam, as festival architect Dean San dubbed it, was the winter follow up to the July 2015 Summer Slam festival.

Check out the slideshow below for photos of some of the bands on the roster (Gatherers, Awake At Last, Only Sibling, To Live As Wolves, etc.), and if you live in the NJ/NY areas, look them up and see when you can catch them next!

Photos by Alex Chan

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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