Need-To-Know: Creeper

Sometimes bands come along that take you by surprise for resurfacing a sound that really hasn’t been relevant since Morrissey’s face could be purchased un-ironically on a T-shirt. Creeper,  the latest band from the UK that you probably don’t know about but 100% should, creates that old school sound in a brand new light. With a real gritty, grungy rock ‘n’ roll vibe reminiscent of bands like Green Day, The Smiths, and My Chemical Romance among many others, comes this little known six-piece to break the waves.

From the second I heard “Gloom” I knew I was hooked. With exceptionally relatable and well-thought out lyrics paired alongside catchy riffs, cheeky vocals, and an all around ‘we are who we are’ attitude, Creeper is easily one of the most underrated punk bands on the scene. Yes, I said punk, because it’s about as punk as you can get in the modern music world and well worth the adventure.

Creeper’s newest EP The Stranger is set to release in the UK on February 19th. However, no US release date has been determined yet, so get on this band now so they get the traction they deserve, and so I can buy (yes, I still buy music) their latest EP as soon as possible.

Check out the video for “Gloom” below and let us know what you think of Creeper.

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