Record Review: ‘It’s All Acoustic’ Compilation

For many, “acoustic” translates into “soft and potentially boring”. The idea that you know what to expect from an acoustic song before you even listen to it pervades, and usually it’s pretty well-founded. Not here.

Revival Recordings’s acoustic compilation (It’s All Acoustic) features all of the artists on the label’s roster, including the newly signed Famous Last Words. Some of the songs are acoustic versions of already recorded songs (i.e. “Casanova (C’est La Vie)” by The Funeral Portrait) and some are entirely new (i.e. “Hiatus” by Alesana). Either way, this compilation is far from boring.

The chorus of “I’ll Be Home Soon” by Famous Last Words is extremely catchy and the way it breaks down into acapella rounds by the end adds a whole new level of depth. Alesana brings in some heaviness by adding screams and some fast-paced guitar work instead of just sticking to the slow strums you’d anticipate from an acoustic song. “Broken Maiden” by Cabaret Runaway contributes a cool level of creepy to the compilation while Megosh‘s “Winona” hits the feels with it’s combination of piano and their intense signature vocals.

The record takes a dip with Tempting Paris‘s “Stand Up.” The song, especially the female voice (Melissa Milke), is sweet to the point of sickening here, prompting an immediate track change. “Long Nights, Stupid Fights” by The Legitimate Excuse is another less than impressive song. Not awful, but not extraordinary–it’s just fine. Otherwise, the compilation is generally successful. Uh Huh Baby Yeah adds a bit of a funky, letlive.-inspired vibe and The Things They Carried bring back the intricacy and heaviness first introduced by “Hiatus” at the beginning of the album. Overall, It’s All Acoustic has some solid jams that lend new dimensions to the word acoustic.

Three and Half Star Rating

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