INTERVIEW: Gatherers at The Overspray

One more thing about the Not So Summer Slam Festival that we still need to tell you: The entire day was riddled with technical difficulties. From blown out speakers to failing microphones to screeching feedback, it’s probably safe to say no one made it through the day without some kind of issue. But that’s what makes it DIY, right? Punks ain’t supposed to give a shit anyway.

So despite our own mic issues that day, we’re gonna share our video interview with Gatherers with you. Hopefully you can make out enough between the sound of street traffic and wind to discern some of the meaning behind the music video for “Ritual Flowers,” and that these dudes would probably die for Every Time I Die. (Put on the CC!) Thanks for spending time with us guys!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their latest record, Quiet World.


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