Need-To-Know: The White Noise

Sometimes a band is just that good that their traction picks up like Speed Racer in The Mach 5. While The White Noise has only been a band since the summer of 2015, they have already signed to Fearless Records and booked a tour as support for Get Scared, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and I See Stars this February. So how do you go from fledgling beginnings to booking a label tour? You have something to offer to the industry.

The White Noise is a fun and strange cross between punk, hardcore, pop, and whatever else falls in between. Self-described as “aggressive rock,” tracks like “Bloom” and “Red Eye Lids” are just a preview for their highly anticipated debut EP Aren’t You Glad? out February 26th.

With grungy, home-made style videos and solid record production, The White Noise delivers a throwback aesthetic with an incredibly modern sound that will make it hard for you to believe this is just their debut on the scene.

Take a look at their single “Bloom” below and let us know what you think of this up and coming band that you’ll be glad you knew about before all your friends jump on the band wagon.

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