Video Premiere: PVRIS “Smoke”

PVRIS is arguably one of the biggest newcomer bands in the scene right now, and it seems that their success came almost out of nowhere the second they dropped their debut record White Noise. I say “almost out of nowhere” not because it’s undeserved fame, but because releasing a debut record through a non-major label (Rise Records) and blowing up in both the set scene as well as making massive strides in the mainstream is practically unheard of. Even in the hipster nation, Bon Iver didn’t get the credit fans felt he deserved until his third full-length (which ironically only won him a Grammy for “Best New Artist”), but one album in and PVRIS is already gracing the cover of Alternative Press.

The truth of the matter is, regardless of how many people like PVRIS because every magazine is writing about them, that PVRIS is actually a fantastic and semi-eclectic band that everyone SHOULD be listening to. This is most prominently displayed in their release for their latest music video “Smoke,” (which happens to be my favorite track on the album). Rather than take the cliche “arbitrary story plot turns to band performing in warehouse” music video approach, PVRIS instead chose to create a video that mimics the sound of the track itself.  It’s atmospheric, aesthetically pleasing, and deceptively dark. PVRIS is so good at luring a listener in with their laid back melodies and soothing synths that many times the listener overlooks just how deep the lyrics of a track are.  With each member of PVRIS weighted by shadows and smoke, lines like “Oh, you’re killing me right now/I think it’s time you burn me down” seem almost pleasant when sung by the soft vocals of Lynn Gunn.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think of PVRIS’ latest visual endeavor.

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