LIVE SHOTS: Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy, Abysmal Dawn

­Cannibal Corpse, one of if not the the most popular death metal bands of all time, sold out New York City’s Irving Plaza on February 16th with guests Obituary, Cryptopsy, and Abysmal Dawn. If you’ve never been to a metal show before, one of the biggest stereotypes about the metal scene is 100% true: There is a LOT of hair.

First up was Los Angeles based death metal band Abysmal Dawn. They released their latest full-length album, Obsolescence, in October of 2014, which took up most of their setlist that night. They played fan favorite “Human Obsolescence” right in the middle of their set and everyone went insane. After their set was done, Cryptopsy took the stage. Cryptopsy is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated heavy bands out there. They’re also the type of band that is better live than in the studio. The last act before Cannibal Corpse was Obituary, who are conceivably one of the biggest pioneers of the death metal scene. (There were probably even more fans there in Obituary shirts than Cannibal Corpse.) They mostly played tracks from their debut album (and arguably their best), Slowly We Rot.

After a lot of heavy moshing and crowdsurfing, I was surprised at how much energy this crowd still had by the time Cannibal Corpse took the stage and opened with “Evisceration Plague.” It’s a whole new experience seeing them live since you’re able to witness the admirable show they’re still capable of putting on after all those years of performing. These guys make a point to put emphasis on making sure all of the instruments are heard loud and clear, rather than just the vocals. The production value was pretty high, using just the right amount of lights and effects to emphasize their performance. However, this band is unique enough where they can put on an exciting show without a crazy big setup. They really do put on an engaging show, and if you’ve never been to a heavy metal show before, you’d wanna see these guys first. You can find dates for the rest of the tour here. Believe me, you will not wanna pass up these shows.

Review and Photos by Sophia Zucker.

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