Nothing gets a crowd going more than a band playing one of their own classics. You know, the songs we’ve all had time to memorize every word, riff and beat too. Playing their first full-length record, Desolation of Eden, in it’s entirety was not only a gift to Chelsea Grin fans, but a hell of an experience which had some killer openers including Wage War, Lorna Shore and Oceans Ate Alaska.

Opening act Wage War set the stage at Amityville’s Revolution Bar and Music Hall on March 6th with a great live performance and the crowd began to feel the adrenaline kicking in. Yet when Lorna Shore hit the stage, that’s when you knew shit was going down. The brutality of their set fueled the crowd and the pit became relentless. Tom Barber (vocals) stared out into the crowd, dead-eyed like a tortured soul, but metal as fuck and intimidating as hell. As the night progressed the pit got more vicious and consumed the room. Oceans Ate Alaska came on to pump us all up some more. Playing everyone’s favorites, James Harrison held the attention of all with his vocals. Singing or screaming, everyone chimed in or threw fists and moshed. Yet when they left the stage and the lights dimmed a few minutes later, that’s when the real show began.

Chelsea Grin’s performance was not only one of the highest quality performances so far this year, but one of the most surprising. When told that Desolation of Eden would be played in it’s entirety you’d think Alex Koehler could never pull off the same vocals he did years ago upon its initial release. Wrong. His performance was outstanding and spot on to the point of disbelief. The crowd lost their minds instantly and continuously throughout the entire set. When Desolation of Eden was sadly at an end, the show was not. Grin played their new song “Skin Deep,” and some others including “Clockwork,” “Crewcabanger,” and “My Damnation.” They nailed every song as if it was nothing at all and made us wish the night wouldn’t end.

by Justin LaMot


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