PLAYLIST: April Showers

In case you were having a good day, we made you a playlist to mess that up. We’ve assembled a list of ten songs to compliment those rainy April days, or for whenever you’re just feeling plain sad. (Which, given our target demographic, is probably decently often.) Check out these emotional tunes and don’t forget to smile! Or cry. Whichever.

“Cold Rain” – Comadre

Winter still rears its ugly head every now and then, but suffering builds character. Enjoy the cold rain. – David Marulanda

“South of the City” – The Devil Wears Prada

“When is rains, I feel better.” See, not everyone is condemned to gloominess when the storm rolls in! “And when I start to feel better, I wait to get worse.” Well. There’s pros and cons to everything I suppose. – Alex Chan

“Dancing For Rain” – Rise Against

If you’re one of those people who actually likes the rain, let Rise Against pump you up for some bad weather. – David Marulanda

“Let It Pour” – Cancer Bats

Canadian hardcore band Cancer Bats usually keep it pretty positive. Not in this one. Rainy, dark and miserable with no chance of sunshine in this tune. Happens to us all at one point or another. Don’t let the sad-boy lyrics fool you; it’s still one to rock to. – Alex Chan

“Worst Wishes” – Movements

A song that hits home lyrically but packs a punch musically always has a place in my heart. That’s exactly the case with the post-hardcore band Movements and their song “Worst Wishes,” as well as their entire Outgrown Things EP. – Justin LaMot

“Tangled In The Great Escape” -Pierce The Veil

If you have a friend that’s spiraled out of control and you can’t do anything about it, this song will hit you right in the feels. With Jason Butler featured on this track, it gives a very genuine feel to the deep lyrics being vocalized. If you can’t directly relate to the song, you still can feel that compassion and sadness. – Sophia Zucker

“Darling” – Casey

When it comes to April and its rainy days, I can only think of my craves for emotional and mellow tunes. Newly signed to Hassle Records, Alternative UK band Casey fill this void that I ache for. With their hard-hitting lyrics and chilling instrumentals, their song “Darling” makes me eager for their debut album to be released this summer. But in the meantime, this song shall be entered in my rainy day playlist. – Justin LaMot

“Lonely Day” – System Of A Down

Nothing beats listening to a classic on a down (ha, puns) day, and one song that instantly tugs on my heart strings is none other than “Lonely Day” by System of a Down. The lyrics may seem silly, simple or emo, but this mellow tune hits me like no other. Whether it’s Daron Malakian’s voice alongside Serj Tankian’s or the soft and slow instrumental which sounds so pleasant yet sad at the same time, System of a Down is one of those bands that can pick you up in one moment and then drag you down deep the next. – Justin LaMot

“April” – Pianos Become The Teeth

Obviously we had to include a song called “April” in the “April Showers Playlist”, but it also helps that PBTT’s latest album Keep You was super contemplative and pretty much made for staring out a window wet with rain. – TKM

“Letting Go” – Mayday Parade

Every part of this song is depressing, from the lyrics to the instrumentals. Anyone you show this to will probably end up crying. If you just want to get out all your tears, this song should be your go-to. – Sophia Zucker

Listen to the full “April Showers Playlist” on YouTube below!


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