RECORD REVIEW: Greaver Haunts Us With ‘The Faun’

It’s hardcore story time with Greaver. Their first full length album, The Faun, is a tragic, violent, and evocative story told from several points of view. The record is short, but the poignancy of the plot extends beyond the time frame of the songs.

The Faun is well-crafted lyrically, but instrumentally, although talented, falls short of creativity. That’s not to say the band’s haunting, slow melodies and rougher hardcore riffs don’t work. They combine effortlessly to mesmerize and transport you into the struggles of the characters. This is not an album with singles, and I’d be hard pressed to pick out a track to listen to independently of the others. The record is a story, and like a story or a book, you usually can’t take one chapter and have it exist on its own. 

Greaver’s first album is a complex tale better heard whole than by individual tracks. It flows beautifully from one heart-wrencher to the next blood-boiler. I would like the record more if it was longer with less instrumental and spoken interludes, but what the band has created is beautiful. Take about forty minutes to delve into this entertaining and evocative story. The time spent will be worth it.

Three and Half Star Rating

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