GRAMERCY, NYC – The Road to Bands VS. Food Tour may have been an odd tour title, but named an unforgettable night (April 23rd). Featuring the bands Sworn In, Wilson, Miss May I and We Came as Romans, the line-up was diverse, but oh so satisfying. Starting with Sworn In definitely got the room going wild, especially the crowd killers. Tyler Dennen (Vocalist) fueled the audience as everyone raised their fists and yelled the lyrics with him. When the song “Sunshine” kicked in it got real. Coming down into the crowd, Tyler became surrounded as he continued to scream out the words along with everyone else. It was an epic moment and a great turnout since Sworn In’s previous New York shows were filled with technical issues and illnesses. Luckily their curse was broken and they were able to put on a sick opening to the night.

Following Sworn In was a band called Wilson. Wilson was a band that didn’t seem like they fit into the lineup of metalcore acts but continued to rock it out anyway. They had an old school metal and hard rock vibe similar to that of Pantera in a sense. Their stage presence was energetic and the crowd actually dug it. The pit actually remained calm for once as if they never heard any metal prior to the 2000’s. Wilson’s performance was unique and reminded me of my younger years of jamming to Metallica which was quite refreshing to hear now a days. They even had some nifty tricks with bottles of beer and the vocalist brought out a bass drum during the last song as if he were in a marching band. Yes, it was odd for a metalcore concert, but definitely became a performance to remember.

Returning back to the realm of Core, Miss May I took the over the stage with immediate energy and chaos. Frontman Levi Benton could’t contain himself and was constantly on the move especially with his long curly hair flying about behind him. The performance was insane and the crowd absolutely lost it between circles pits, moshing and endless streams of crowd surfers. Everyone in the audience chanted out the lyrics with clean vocalist and bassist Ryan Neff, no matter how old or new the songs might have been. They connection between the fans and Miss May I was an incredible sight that soon carried over when the headliners, We Came as Romans, took the stage.

WCAR did not miss a beat nor did they hesitate to keep the energy alive. With both Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone side by side providing us with not only vocals but fuel for the pit, it was obvious why they were headlining. The duo wrecked the stage with the combination of cleans and screams while the rest of the band behind them crushed every second they could, making the whole venue shake. The build-up to this moment made for an incredible night and every band put on a killer set, each standing out from the rest. Although the line-up for the second half of the tour has changed, you should still head out and catch one of the best spring tours this year, especially since For Today and Memphis May Fire will be thrown into the mix.

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