Record Reviews in Haiku (Part 1)

Nothing is better,
Than finding creative ways,
To write new reviews.

So at HXC,
We have decided to do,
Reviews in haiku.

That’s The Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon

That's the spirit

Where’s the metalcore?
Kinda sold out on this one.
That’s not the spirit.


Get Lost, Find Yourself by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Chunk No

Pop punk, easy core.
Heavy but catchy as hell.
They are fucking French.


The Death Card by Sworn In


Why are you so sad?
This is super technical,
But really rad, blegh.


Tracing Back Roots by We Came As Romans

Tracing Back Roots

Hopecore’s still a thing.
More sophisticated songs.
David Stephens sings.


The Blackest Beautiful by letlive.

letlive album.png

Soulful but still punk.
Crazy beard guy screams a lot.
Sings, too. Politics.

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