Patrick Thompson (Alesana) New Band Versus Me To Release Debut Album ‘Changes’

Did you know that guitar player Patrick Thompson of Alesana has another band?

On September 24, 2014 Thompson launched Versus Me, a Wisconsin based metalcore act with members James & Lee Milbrandt of Serianna, Clint Greendeer of Guardians, and Dustin Helgestad of Crossing The Delaware. Operating under the radar for the past year, Versus Me have released multiple singles, music videos, and have consistently been playing shows in the Midwest region, including all major Wisconsin festivals and a tour with Fearless Record’s act I Prevail.

After coming out with singles “(A)Tension,” “An American Tale,” and “Partyblood,” Versus Me are finally gearing up to release their debut full-length album, Changes, on September 13th. Keep watching HXC Magazine for more exclusive updates on Versus Me, and in the meantime check out their music video for “(A)Tension feat. Craig Mabbitt” below!

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