Record Reviews In Haiku #2

Now that we did one,
It’s time we show you round two,
Happy Wednesday, punks!

Sleepless by Adept

sleepless adept

How has no one heard
About this Swedish band, though?
“Down and Out”‘s my fav.

Confessions by Alesana

alesana confessions

This was the last piece
Of the Annabel series,
Still not sure what’s up.

Disgusting by Beartooth


Super personal,
You might need a Prozac though,
It’s okay, we’re here.

Empathy Is A Gift by BEA5T

BEA5T Empathy

Surprise Craig Owens
Who knew he would go grindcore?
Screech, screech, screech, screech, screech.

Aren’t You Glad by The White Noise

white noise

An insane debut
How is this your first EP?
This band will be huge.



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