5 Songs to Hardcore Party to on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a lot like St. Patty’s Day–a holiday co-opted by Americans as an excuse to drink and wear fun hats. But if you’re going to partake in the festivities, you might as well have a few fun tunes to rock out to. Here are five tracks to help you kick off your margarita and sombrero parties.

UNO: “Bulls In The Bronx” – Pierce The Veil

Obviously these “Mexicore” bros had to be first on the list. “Bulls In The Bronx” particularly shows off some cultural flare with the spanish classical guitar smack in the middle of the song. ‘Cuz hey, “maybe we’re just havin’ too much fun…”

DOS: “Lemon Party” – letlive.

When life gives you lemons, throw them in the blender with some tequila and practice your Jason Butler impressions in the mirror. Grab a margarita and go!

TRES: “Sippin 40’s” – Follow My Lead

Get your Cinco de Drink-o on with this straight up party track. Because you know what goes great with tequila? Beer, beer, and more beer.

QUATRO: “El Dorado” – Every Time I Die

The myths of El Dorado totally have nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo or even Mexican culture in general, but head to the city of ~southern metal~ gold anyway with ETID! It’ll set you off on a rampage, and personally, we think that’s a good thing.

CINCO: “Wasted Days” – Like Moths To Flames

Okay, so maybe LMTF aren’t referring to the exact type of “wasted” we’re thinking about. But who cares! It can still give your Cinco de Mayo party some heavy zest.


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