10 Hardcore Kids Guilty Pleasures

We live and breathe hardcore, but everyone has their guilty pleasures. Share if this is you. And we know it is.

Feeling like a ninja every time you’re bustin’ moves in the pit. 

Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

A secret and intense love for early 2000’s pop music.

And like it or not, you know every lyric and dance move to every Backstreet Boys song.

Backstreet Boys -  This Is The End 2013

You’re surprised by how much you like the new Justin Bieber album.

“Eminem is my favorite rapper.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.03.28 PM

When Fat Joe comes on you know exactly what to do. 

Terror Squad - Lean Back ft. Fat Joe, Remy

You still wish you had an AIM account so you could quote lyrics in your away message.


Practicing your synchronized crabcore choreography.


Knowing that the “two step” can also reference Ciara.

Ciara - 1, 2 Step ft. Missy Elliott

You live by the code. 

mom hardcore


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