Record Review: Arise in Chaos ‘Terminal Cognition’

Arise in Chaos are releasing their frenzied, vicious new LP Terminal Cognition this Friday,  May 13th. Never heard of them? Me either, but with their second release since inception, this Denver based crew is looking at a promising future. With a sound similar to Lamb of God, Arise in Chaos delivers metal with the momentum of a runaway train.

There is no introduction, no preparation; nothing but anticipation, and then you’re submerged into the ferocity. The opening track “Nero” kicks off the record and doesn’t look back. Terminal Cognition has one intention and that is to drown out your senses with aggression capable of consuming you with anger. Half the record is over before Arise in Chaos offer a respite from the nonstop chugging guitars and drum barrage in “Violent Colors.” The song then dives back into the high speed aggression characteristic of the rest of the album.

This album, and possibly this band, are not for the faint of heart or the occasional metal consumer. Terminal Cognition is beyond heavy. The ten hate-inducing tracks do the work of double that to raise your heart rate. There isn’t one song that can be singled out as weak or superfluous. Take a listen and hope that there’s more where this record came from.

Four Star Rating

Pre-order the record here.

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