RECORD REVIEW: Pierce The Veil ‘Misadventures’

By now the story is legend: The newest Pierce The Veil record, Misadventures, took several years and several thousand miles of traveling the country for Vic Fuentes to finish. After delaying the release of the record time and time again, it’s finally here, and thankfully it was worth the wait and the Kerouac-esque drama.

Creating an album to surpass or even match the success of PTV’s last record, Collide With The Sky, was in itself a huge challenge from the start. But from the first track, “Dive In,” it immediately becomes clear that Pierce The Veil pushed the boundaries of their own creativity with this record. Singles “Texas Is Forever,” “The Divine Zero,” and “Circles” are all super solid, catchy tracks, but the inventiveness of PTV truly exposes itself in songs like “Today I Saw The Whole World” and “Floral & Fading.” The songs that prove a little lackluster compared to all the others are some of the slower ones, “Bedless” and “Gold Medal Ribbon.” They’re good songs, but not as impressive as the other giants on the record.

Misadventures combines the pop nature of their first couple of records with an entirely new heaviness (listen to “Sambuka”), and that dichotomy is what makes this record such an interesting listen. It took Vic Fuentes miles and miles of searching to find the record he wanted, and Misadventures similarly takes us through miles and miles of emotion. Each song is a trip, and they are trips worth taking.

Four Star Rating

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