Show Review: Enter Shikari’s The Mindsweep Tour

The rambunctious, poetic, bouncy, and melodic Brits in Enter Shikari accomplished their mission to take us on a musical journey as we moved through highs and lows, covering a wide spectrum of emotion. From “Constellations” to “Mothership,” “The Paddington Frisk,” and an assortment of tracks from The Mindsweep, their electronic, energetic entertainment included a trumpeting Reynolds, a crowdsurfing amp with Rory Clewlow standing on it while playing, and Rory Clewlow walking across the VIP over the bar and into the stairs and seating in the back of the venue, amongst other shenanigans. Their live performance is guaranteed to keep you off your feet. Enter Shikari can make you move whether you want to or not.

The openers weren’t entirely outdone. The Australian Hands Like Houses managed to rile up the pit with their pop-metalcore mashup. Their act is predominantly singing, but Trenton Woodley can venture into screaming territory when necessary. Their mainstream appeal is strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go the way similar acts, such as Fall Out Boy, have gone.

The White Noise won’t be going down that road with their catchy punk infused sound. A don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, two trips to the pit, and a whole lot of hip thrusting added to the band’s relentless assault. Their energy was rabid and contagious. The crowd moved almost as much as Shawn Walker (vocals) did all over the stage. Walker screamed during the song “Bloom,” “ I want it all,” and if they can keep up the quality of their first EP, Aren’t You Glad, he might just be able to get it.

Behind the Facade have a longer way to go. This local NYC band opened the show with some amazing instrumentals backing up powerful female vocals. Unfortunately, the lyrics were raw and left much to be desired, but there is a bright future ahead for them if they can mature. With a sound more like Paramore or PVRIS, there were only about 30 seconds of hardcore vocals coming from an unidentified guest vocalist.

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