Record Review: Trash Boat – ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through’

There’s no doubt that pop punk has been on the rise the last couple of years and is enjoying (if pop punk knows how to enjoy) its current renaissance. Just look at music festival lineups for proof. The resurgence is a global phenomenon. Trash Boat is a band from St. Albans, UK bringing the catchy sadness with their record, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through.

Most of the songs are catchy enough to get stuck in your head. The lyrics in songs like “The Guise of a Mother” do a good a job of being repetitiously memorable. They don’t offer anything different from your standard pop punk songs, and neither do the instrumentals. Trash Boat does offer some instances of heavier aggressiveness in songs such as “How Selfish I Seem” and the aforementioned “The Guise of a Mother,” which are the best tracks on the record. The album has a very faint hardcore flavor at times.

It is, however, your generic, nostalgic, melancholic pop punk fare, and the songs are all formulaic, but that’s not to say the all-too-familiar riffs and vocals don’t make for a head-bobbing good time. “Tring Quarry” and “Catharsis” are infectiously catchy, but Trash Boat has a long way to go before creating a sound uniquely theirs. Too many listens will probably fill your pop punk quota for the year. I still suggest giving it a listen to see what it is the band is all about.

Three Star Rating

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