RECORD REVIEW: Turncoat – Self-Titled

Detroit is still producing American made things these days. The latest export from the Motor City is a boiling maelstrom of old school hardcore for today’s problems. Turncoat is true to the ideals of the scene holding nothing back in their self titled debut EP. The need for self-respect, hard work, and honesty is thrown in your face, while the disenchantment in the delusion of the American Dream is shoved down your throat.

Turncoat is a call to action: Stand up for yourself. It’s simple and direct. Simple is not bad in this case. The point is that the instrumentals don’t detract from the message. The drums, the guitars, and the bass don’t ask for much, but they don’t lack much either. In fact, they weave together beautifully to propel the focal point of the EP, the lyrics, which are as clear as day. There is nothing hidden in convoluted metaphors and there sure as hell is no beating around the bush. “Own Up” tells you to take responsibility for yourself. “The Friends You Need” isn’t just a song from Turncoat, it’s a song from all of us. They just put pen to paper for the masses.

Turncoat doesn’t play like a debut. It feels like Turncoat has always been here. The lyrics feel right. The message resonates. It makes you move. “American Dream” makes me want to stop writing this and fight for what’s right. Everything you can want from a hardcore band is in this six song EP.

Five Star Rating

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