RECORD REVIEW: Beartooth – ‘Aggressive’

It’s been two years since Beartooth‘s last album and finally the wait is over! Their new album Aggressive has been out for over a week now and for the most part has gotten some mixed reviews from TOOF fans.

That being said, in this record I think frontman Caleb Shomo finally figured out what Beartooth is and will be. The album really stayed true to the Beartooth sound which honestly is  the one thing that always worries me when a band puts out a new album. But they really did a great job of keeping the same sound Beartooth is known for, while changing up the mixing to better fit what this album wants to portray. Unlike Disgusting, Caleb isn’t that depressed, sad guy anymore. For that record, the instrumentals were WAY more prominent because it was meant to put you in your feels, and with the great success of that album I would say it did just that. However, with Aggressive he is a slightly different person. He is more angry and that really reflects the way the album was made. The sound is still there but the music isn’t as center stage as it was in Disgusting–the lyrics are. He really throws them at you as you can tell in the single and title track “Aggressive.” He uses different vocal styles and takes risks with his voice we haven’t heard before, especially in the song “Burnout“.
All in all I think this album is very solid and will be the foundation Beartooth will lean on for albums to come. And you know what, I’m ok with that! Are you?
by Michael Delucia

Four Star Rating

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