Beartooth, Sylar at NYC ‘Aggressive’ Album Release Show

Queens, New York band Sylar opened the show at Webster Hall for Beartooth‘s album release show and definitely got the crowd amped with their rap-infused vocals and heavy instrumentals.  Being locals to the New York scene, Sylar were definitely an amazing choice to open the night. Their I-don’t-give-a-fuck (clearly from New York) attitude was a huge hit with the audience.

But then, you’ve never seen anything quite like a Beartooth show.  The popular metalcore band proved that and more at their album release show in New York City for the band’s newest album, Aggressive.  While I was unsure how I felt about the album itself, the songs definitely hold up very well live. However, the new material still somehow fell short in energy compared to older, more well-known Beartooth songs.  But all in all it was a set full of nonstop energy and rowdiness from both the band and the audience.  The night even included a crowdsurfing guitarist and fans hanging from the ceiling (quite the role reversal).  And of course, a Beartooth show wouldn’t be a Beartooth show without an inspirational, heartfelt speech from Caleb Shomo, the band’s frontman and mastermind.  They played a well put together set including new songs from Aggressive, as well as more classic Beartooth songs such as “I Have A Problem,” “The Lines” and “Body Bag.”  If you like hardcore/metalcore music and haven’t been to a Beartooth show I hugely recommend you add it to your list of priorities because you won’t be disappointed.

Text by Trey Ruiz

Photo by Alexander Chan

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