RECORD REVIEW: Hail The Sun – ‘Culture Scars’

With a sound that’s reminiscent of Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds, fans of more progressive sounding music will definitely find something to like and possibly fall in love with about Hail The Sun‘s new record Culture Scars.

I’m never entirely sure what to expect from a Hail The Sun release but I’m hardly ever disappointed, this time is absolutely no different. Tracks that really stand out among the rest are “Paranoia” and “The ‘Fun’ in Dysfunction” Culture Scars has the melodic, progressive instrumentals and emotional, relatable lyrics we’ve come to expect from the band, but I feel especially surprised with the work of vocalist/drummer Donovan Melero.  He did a great job of handling both of his responsibilities in the band with the same importance and attention to detail. Neither the drums or the vocals fall short in any way.  If you’ve never listened to or even heard of Hail The Sun before, Culture Scars is a great starting off point and a very highly recommended listen in my opinion.

Four Star Rating

by Trey Ruiz

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