NEED-TO-KNOW: Patient Sixty-Seven

Australian metalcore has really taken off these past few years. The Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive, and many more have made the sound a valuable export. Meet Tom Kiely (vocals) of Patient Sixty-Seven, an up and coming band from Perth, Australia who have a downright damaging single, “Callous,” out right now!

What is this single about?
“Callous” for me, is really just about finding that fire within yourself to realise when people are walking over you. There’s specifics in there, and drawing on other situations that I guess really pushed me to write the lyrics I did for it – but it’s really about standing your ground in situations where you feel like there’s no way out of any toxic relationship.

Do you have any other new material in the works?
Absolutely! Keep your eye on our pages and at future shows. We’re always working on new stuff.

What can we expect from Patient Sixty-Seven in the near future?
A good time! if you’re in the area [Perth, Australia], come out to a show and throw down with us. We’re hoping to visit some new places soon too, so keep an eye on our page for everything going down with that. We put 100% into everything we do, and hopefully you’ll enjoy our music!

Why should people check you out?
We’re a really honest band, we want to give anyone who checks out our music a reason to listen and enjoy what we’re doing. Ultimately it’s about having fun and enjoying what we’re doing, which we definitely are. If people are able to feel or take something away from having listened to us, we’re always thankful for that.


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