Record Review: Vanna – ‘All Hell’

Vanna returns with All Hell, a heart-wrenching, hateful, 10 track roller coaster of an album. It’s dark and depressing, oozing with melancholy and despair, but at it’s core, beneath a crust of loathing and abhorrence, is a delicate bubble of hope and courage. The entire record demands you to stand up for yourself because no one is going to do it for you.

Davey Muise threatens in “Reaping A Whirlwind,” “I’ll be clear with the words I choose/ There’s no way out so join or die/ No survivors/ No one left alive.” It’s an us-versus-them mentality on this one and “Mutter” hits with the same message: “Stop listening to what they say/ They’ll never break you/ Don’t let them take you.” The sympathy and positivity is for the downtrodden and the ostracized. All Hell opens with the murderous “Paranoia Euphoria.” Muise has no place in his heart for the self-absorbed, the greedy and the phony. “Get these people out of my face,” he screams.

The best part of the All Hell experience is the perfectness in which the instrumentals match Muise’s emotion whether he’s exploding with uncontrollable rage or Joel Pastuszak is softening the fury with his singing. There is a good balance of both, but the album does feel softer than previous Vanna releases, which isn’t a bad thing. This record is still the same top quality we’ve come to expect from Vanna. It’s definitely anthemic (especially “Wounded Young”) and it’ll be hard to not listen to All Hell all year.

Four Star Rating

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