Turncoat Talk Hardcore, Local Detroit Scene, Rick & Morty

First of all, thank you Austin, Jim, Keith, and Nick for taking the time to chat with HXC Magazine. Congratulations on the self-titled EP. We love it and we can’t wait for more.
What else is in the works for Turncoat, you guys as individuals, or both?

There’s so much in the works for us right now. Not only are we already writing for a full-length, but we are also planning some out of the country touring for next year.

Regarding the upcoming tour, can we expect you in New York City? Also, what’s the best non-music aspect of touring for you guys?
NYC won’t be a stop this time. As bad as I wanna get out there it just haven’t come to fruition.  All things in good time right? The best non musical part of tour has to be the simplest answer. Traveling. I love seeing new places making new friends every day.

“People, places, things, events inspire us to be the shitty little punks that we are.”


Where is one place you would love to play a show if you could choose anywhere? What about a fictional place?
I would love to have us play “This Is Hardcore” in Philly. Fictional, I think any weird universe that Rick and Morty can concoct and end up zapping us to for no rhyme or reason. As long as it isn’t planet Gazorpazorp…


Can you explain where your disdain and anger comes from? What makes Turncoat tick?
Anger and disdain is just the fucked up way everything seems to be going. The world around us. People, places, things, events inspire us to be the shitty little punks that we are. The world’s in the toilet right now. We just wanna say what’s on our minds and speak how we feel.


Which bands and individuals have inspired you to make the music you do?
For myself my biggest inspirations have always been my father and my brother Cory. Growing up we always saw dad play and we just picked it up so fast from him. My brother has always been a huge influence. We played in almost every band we have ever been in together. The constant push between us to get better was a huge part of it. As far as bands I grew up on Metallica, King Diamond, AFI and a lot of underground punk [and] hardcore stuff. A lot of local bands in Panama City, Florida where I grew up. If I didn’t name any outside of AFI, a small circle would know. Those bands shaped me and really made my love for music grow.
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.13.12 PM


We at HXC Magazine are all about supporting the local scene. Other than yourselves, who else is killing it in the Detroit/ Michigan hardcore world?
Ante Up is some of the coolest dudes and they are killing it. Detroit has a lot of bands but not a lot of real hardcore. You obviously know Freedom and bands like that. But most around here wanna be called hardcore but play that tired ass bass heavy beat down shit and call it hardcore.


I’ve never been to Detroit. Tell me each of your favorite places to eat. I’ve heard something about mystery meat burgers Jim sells.
Lmao! I’m glad you read about that. Best places are pretty simple. A lot of hockey bars and sports bars in Detroit. You pick ’em, they are probably amazing. I’m too simple and I can eat Del Taco everyday and be happy (laughs).


Why does Turncoat exist and why is your message of standing up for ourselves and individuality important?
Turncoat exists to stand out and draw attention. We’re different because of what everyone around here is up to and for good reason. We wanna stick out and grab your attention. The fact that a lot of people don’t have a voice or feel that they aren’t heard or their problems aren’t relatable can have something to hold on to. Someone to stand up and say, “Hey mother fucker, this is how it is and we do what we like.”


Thank you guys! I hope to see you in New York City on the upcoming tour!
Thank you guys again, this was refreshing. As bad as I wanna be in NYC, maybe we’ll catch ya soon. Tell your friends and bookers about us I’m sure we’ll be there soon!


Interview by David Marulanda

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