LIVE SHOTS: Staten Island Summerfest (Part 1)

When someone says you’re making a scene, they might mean that you’re being too overdramatic in public for comfort. But here at Staten Island’s Overspray music venue, where the walls are as covered in artwork as most of the show-goers skins, a bunch of punks, rockers, hardcore kids and metalheads (including an eight-year-old who is most definitely cooler than you) came together for August 5th’s Summerfest to make a scene that’s about more than just being overly loud and in your face.

Yes, those qualities are obviously super important. We love being loud and obnoxious! We get rowdy and throw down with the best of ’em. But a local all day show like this that brings bands from all over the tristate area as well as fans, writers, photographers, audio techs, etc. together is about community. It’s about art. It’s about the tangible amount of love and passion in the room when you know you’ve all sacrificed something to be there. Without further ado, here are the first round of photos from our experiences that day, including shots of sets from In Loving Memory, Endless Sacrifice, and Zoume. So get out of your comfort zone for a second, and let’s make a scene…

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