I Prevail Release New Single “Stuck In Your Head,” Talk New Record ‘Lifelines’ in Q&A

Photo Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

I Prevail released a brand new single yesterday called “Stuck In Your Head,” and the name definitely does it justice. The new track from the band’s upcoming record Lifelines is heavy but catchy–exactly what the band have become known for since their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” got them serious attention back in 2014. Check out the new track below and for more inside info on the band, read our Q&A with drummer Lee Runestad right here!

Lee Runestad  briefly responds to a few questions about the band’s new album, touring, and stowing people away in their equipment trailer.

Has your mindset or attitude toward writing songs changed since you first started? Any new influences either musical or not that have helped with writing and recording Lifelines?

Yes, it has changed. After playing 150 shows it gave us a tie in to what the audience really reacted to. Our writing was broadened by the responses and the life lessons.

Another thing we’ve been wondering is if the full-length will be harder or softer than I Prevail’s previous work. We know you guys have said you prefer the term hard rock over others, so for those of us that can’t wait, should we anticipate more like the catchy, but still heavy, “Scars?”

There is more of everything on this record. We balanced the heavy and melodic with a steady dose of breakdowns.”Scars” was a great example of what album has to offer.

We’d also like to know what is each of your favorite tracks from the new record?

We would have to say “Lifelines” is one of our favorite tracks, hence the title ;0

Speaking of scars, any fun stories from the road? Which of you gets the band in the most trouble? 

We once put Eric in the trailer to travel from one venue to the next. He is the wild one that cannot be contained, so we challenged that nickname by containing him in a trailer.

Best and worst parts of the recent fame?

The best part is being up on the stage watching the crowd go crazy and feeling like we have something to do with that. The worst part is not being able to meet every single person at the shows, but we are still trying.

I Prevail has done a nationwide tour, and now you’re embarking on another. Any new cities or places you’d want to play that you’re not getting to? On that note, if you could play a show anywhere, where would it be? (It doesn’t have to be real.)

We are going to Colorado Springs, Bangor, ME and Memphis for the first time. Can’t wait to see The Jungle Room. We are really excited about playing in Australia–the emails from Brisbane are countless.

As you know, your “Blank Space” cover blew you up. Taylor Swift lives in New York and you’re coming here on tour. Will you invite her out to your show? Guest vocals maybe?

We always have a laminate for Taylor with all access, so far she hasn’t used it.

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