PLAYLIST: Back To School

Even if you enjoy academics, the phrase “back to school” is always cringeworthy. It marks the end of summer fun and those damn TV commercials seem to start earlier and earlier every year. But no fear! Your HXC Magazine staff is here to make it a little more fun! Here’s a playlist to make your first days a little more mosh-tastic. (And if your teacher asks, that’s totally a word.)

“Bullshit Opportunist” –  Anti-Flag

May this song remind us why we (well, some people) put ourselves through school and deal with all the expectations. Or make you detest the whole experience entirely. – Alex

“Hell In The Hallways” – Ice Nine Kills

What better song to get you through school than Ice Nine Kills’ horror-inspired anthem.  This song off the band’s most recent album, Every Trick In The Book, is based off the Stephen King classic Carrie. Much like the novel, the song speaks to the outsiders with the vivid, haunting lyrics Ice Nine Kills have become known and loved for.  – Trey

“Something We Love” – REPS

The first time I walked into high school with newly dyed black hair, heavy eye liner, studs on everything I owned and a surly expression on my face, I got a lot of questioning looks. This killer opening track to Poisoned Youth will give you all the answers and the confidence you should have when you rep your scene. – TKM

“They Don’t Call it the South for Nothing” – Of Mice & Men

There is something about this song that brings me back to senior year 2010.  To the good old days of wandering the halls of my high school with my earbuds on and running the mile in gym. Either way, listening to this song you can’t help but be drawn back to the past, back to a younger you and a very different OM&M. – Mike

“Learn To Live” – Architects

School doesn’t always teach you about life. Here’s a reminder to pay attention in and out of class. – David

“Slave To Nothing” – Fit For A King 

It might feel like a prison behind the desk and the work pile hanging over your head when returning to the classroom. Jam this song and remember you’re not as trapped as you might think. – Alex

“Welcome Back” – Chelsea Grin 

Some of you may feel like this song sounds like it’s about the first day of class. Have fun. – David

“Lost in Existence” – Scarlett O’Hara

This band kinda fell off the face of the earth after the album Lost In Existence came out in 2010. However, the title track still goes strong almost six years later. This song really puts you in your feels especially when you are stressed out from all that school work you aren’t used to yet. – Mike

“Liquid Paper” – Cruel Hand

One of the most necessary school supplies! Well, maybe not the actual item you can buy at the store, but definitely this song off Cruel Hand‘s newest record, Your World Won’t Listen. It’s got that old school punk vibe that maybe even some of your cooler teachers can dig. – TKM

“Get Me out” – Falling In Reverse

Sometimes you become so stressed in school you just need a pick me up.  Falling In Reverse delivers with “Get Me Out.”  This upbeat, almost pop punky track off the band’s third full-length release Just Like You continues to showcase the band’s diversity in songwriting and influences.  It’s also just really funny to hear 32-year-old Ronnie Radke, sing about being in high school. – Trey

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