EP REVIEW: STYG – ‘Better Ash Than Dust’

Stick To Your Guns‘ latest release, Better Ash Than Dust, picks up exactly where their last full-length, Disobedient, left off. In effect, the new EP is an extension of the previous record; there is very little that differentiates the two as separate works other than time.

The EP anchors itself, unsurprisingly, in sociopolitical commentary, this time using singer Nina Simone’s soundbite on what it means to be an artist reflecting the times on the title track. Following in Simone’s footsteps, STYG comment on today’s cultural climate from race issues to apathy, pleading with listeners to take action of some kind.

Though while Better Ash Than Dust is a solid release that has no technical flaws, there is one thing left wanting–a little something different. To leave a label and then set about writing an EP with the announcement that this new chapter will be different than the last leaves a certain expectation; one that was altogether unfulfilled. Better Ash Than Dust is great from start to finish, but it functions as Disobedient version 1.5 and therefore doesn’t offer the wow factor we were led to look for.

Three and Half Star Rating

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