RECORD REVIEW: Fit For A King – ‘Deathgrip’

As the name implies, Deathgrip is almost exclusively about mortality, anguish, fear and terror – and it’s a grand time. The chilling intro sets the tone for what is a sheer mosh-fest conducted by the reaper himself for the whole length of the album.

The songs tackle a series of both personal and real world issues. “Pissed Off” hits hard and direct, the inspiration behind it being the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. This track is the perfect way to start things off. The theme remains consistent as each song confronts an aspect of death, yet FFAK still dip into enough influences to keep every song different and give each its own flair. “Dead Memory” starts off with an almost black metal vibe and proves to be one of the most emotional on the record, while the following track “Cold Room” picks up with a fast progressive metal riff. Midway through, “Shadows and Echoes” brings much head banging glory with a powerful chorus to top it.

Fit For A King hold their spot in quality American metalcore by delivering earth-shattering breakdowns that will crack the ground beneath you. It’s heavy. Actually, it’s very heavy; perhaps some of the heaviest material this year so far in the genre. It’s easy to tell that the band has pulled what they have learned from their own previous works and only improved their recipe for killer music. Ryan Kirby’s vocal capabilities still dominate the scene. The album finishes with the title track “Deathgrip” and sums up the band’s message in the best way they could send us off. Look no further for a record that can rip.

by Alexander Chan

Four and Half Star Rating

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