Character Development: What Would Mario Listen To?

Our second installment of our Character Development series takes us to a world of evil turtles, magical pipes and lovable, bouncy lizards. What would your favorite, mustached, red-clad Italian plumber listen to as he flattens killer shrooms and smashes bricks in his efforts to save the beautiful princess Peach?

Owls in the Attic – “Castle Danger”
The princess is in the castle. The castle is in the danger zone. There’s actually like a million castles, but who’s counting?

I Am the Avalanche – “This Is Dungeon Music”
It’s like elevator music for warp pipes – or for creepy, dark, dank castle basements.

Architects – “Castles In The Air”
Sometimes you’re just a plumber draining pipes in floating castles. You gotta get in the mood.

Stick To Your Guns – “Wolves At The Door”
Wolves. Turtles. Koopas (Can I say that? Is that copyright infringement?) Same thing.

The Amity Affliction – “Life Underground”
Maybe this is how the goombas and boos and whomps feel. Poor guys.

Trivium – “No Way To Heal”
There really isn’t. Unless you count size-enhancing mushrooms or invincibility-inducing stars as healing, both of which don’t make any sense. Maybe it’s a plumber thing.

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