LIVE SHOTS: Sumerian Records 10 Year Anniversary Tour Hits NYC

Sumerian Records are celebrating their 10th anniversary by putting on a legendary tour called 10 Years In The Black. Headlining the tour is Asking Alexandria, which is huge for the reason that this is the first tour in which original vocalist Danny Worsnop is reunited with the band (Danny’s departure was announced in January of 2015). This tour had support from Born of Osiris, I See Stars, After The Burial, Upon A Burning Body, and Bad Omens, who are all signed to the label as well.

The line at Webster Hall went all the way down the street and around the block, and every face on that line had a huge smile, waiting to get in. The venue crowded up fast, and the young band Bad Omens opened up the show like old pros. This up-and-coming metalcore group is one to look out for. The band was perfect as an opener and the crowd was responding in a great way. Upon a Burning Body took the stage next, and their showmanship was phenomenal. Vocalist Danny Leal brought the heat to their performance and got everyone moving fast to fan favorites like “Sin City” and “Texas Blood Money”.

After The Burial was the next band on, and opened with “Aspiration” from their second album, Rareform. It was at this point I literally felt the ground shaking as people were jumping up and down in time with each other. I felt my throat close up and my chest get heavy – but in a wonderful way. That feeling stayed with me for their whole set. I See Stars was next and I gotta admit I was just as excited to see them live as I was for Asking Alexandria. They did NOT disappoint. Devin Oliver delivered some incredible vocals and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it. ISS did the most of their songs from their new album Treehouse, but didn’t forget about their older hits like “Murder Mitten” and “Ten Thousand Feet”. The audience got more and more excited by the time that the last opener, Born of Osiris, took the stage. As someone who didn’t know that much about these guys, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. The instrumentals were especially amazing with this band in particular.

After Born of Osiris finished their set, the audience was pumped full of adrenaline and when those lights dimmed, you could feel the blood pumping through your veins. The anticipation for Asking Alexandria to walk up on stage filled the room, and when Danny Worsnop appeared, the fans were beyond ecstatic. I’ve never seen so many people this excited before, and that’s no exaggeration. AA opened their set with “Welcome” which transitioned superbly into “Dear Insanity.” Before they continued with any more songs, Worsnop walked around with the spotlight on him, and soaked it all in. It was such a raw moment to be part of. It felt like the end of a broadway play when the lead walks up and everyone gives him a standing ovation. What was so interesting to watch (although perhaps all too expected) was Danny’s drunken banter in between almost every song.  Honestly, it blows my mind that Danny still can hit a lot of those notes live. I went into this show not expecting much from him after the fallout but I was so pleased with what I heard from him. The rest of the band was incredible sound-wise as well (which was no surprise, since I saw them in February with old vocalist Denis Stoff). By the time they ended their main set and came back with “The Final Episode” and “Single Moment Of Sincerity” to close the show, the crowd was at their peak, and the whole venue was just electric. It really was a night to remember.

If you don’t have tickets for any of the rest of these tour dates, do not sleep on this. I can’t recommend this tour enough. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it. Get your ticket here.

Photos and text by Sophia Zucker


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