RECORD REVIEW: Betraying The Martyrs ‘The Resilient’

France upgraded bread to the baguette, manual decapitations to the more efficient guillotine, and now in a delicious twist for our ears, Paris gives us the a new record from Betraying The Martyrs.

The Resilient is a fresh take on an existing genre. The band’s third studio album is a twelve-track amalgamation of several “-core” and metal subgenres; metalcore, deathcore and symphonic metal are just some of the ingredients. It is a well thought out inquisition into our purpose in life without feeling weak or overdone. It calls out cowards that harm, kill and take advantage of the innocent while forcing listeners to question their actions (or inactions). Aside from resilient, the record is existential and nostalgic.

The symphonic chanting that kicks off the album and the nearly perfect combination of growls and clean vocals set the tone. Just one minute into the first song, “Lost For Words,” and I’m already a fan. The mood shifts to nostalgia with “Take Me Back,” a yearning for easier times. “Take me back to when I still felt young,” sings the clean vocalist. “Take me back to where this all begun/ When the fire still burned in my eyes before it all went wrong.”

“Dying To Live” and several other songs question what it means to exist. (“I’m not searching for death/ Death I’ve already found.”) It seems that death is easier to understand than life for the band. BTM also reveal how they don’t understand how someone can choose greed and corruption in the face of human suffering. “Unregistered” ties these ideas together and is the most powerful song on The Resilient. The word “unregistered” is something that, in America, calls to mind the plight of undocumented immigrants given the current political climate. In Europe, the same applies to the refugees fleeing the Middle East. The track thunders with the words, “With a pocket full of money and your mouth full of shit/ Your eyes are full of dirt and your people’s blood drips/ Won’t you look them in the eyes/ Measure their worth/ You’re the fucking parasite of this earth.”

Betraying The Martyrs really start off 2017 strong and I hope they can replicate The Resilient’s quality with their future work.

Four Star Rating

by David Marulanda

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