A Look Into the Life of Betraying The Martyrs Frontman Aaron Matts

“I don’t think this story has ever been told!”

We recently wrote to France’s Betraying The Martyrs as they tour Europe and we got some inside info from frontman Aaron Matts. In this interview we touch upon all kinds of wonderful things, such as their new album, The Resilient, European cuisine and using steaming water to burn someone’s skin off. Fun, right?

HXC: Congratulations on The Resilient. It’s brilliant. Do you have any plans to come to New York City?

Aaron Matts: Absolutely! The US market has always been one of the most important in our eyes, and being signed to a US label puts us in the same category as their other acts so we’re always trying to get over there. It’s in the works for later this year!

HXC: I know you guys once said you always get into accidents when on tour. I hope it’s been nothing too serious. Can you tell us a fun and/or horrifying touring story?

Aaron Matts: Oh God, let me take it way back to my first ever tour as Betraying The Martyrs’ frontman. I don’t think this story has ever been told! One morning somewhere in Hungary I think it was, I spilled an entire kettle of boiling water over Baptiste (Vigier, guitar) foot, and then panicked and ripped his sock off, which also took most of the skin from the top of his foot with it!! It was like a horror movie, he was immobile for the majority of that tour, and I felt like I was integrating rather well haha…

HXC: Which one of you gets the band in the most trouble on tour?

Aaron Matts: I’m probably going to have to say me, haha. I’m British and I love a few beers, to say the least. I always end up to no good in some way or another. Saying that, the other guys aren’t exactly angels. I remember the path of destruction we left behind us after our first US tour – it was nuts!

HXC: On your current European tour are there any new cities you’re playing? On that note, if you could do a show anywhere, where would it be? it doesn’t have to be real.

Aaron Matts: Unfortunately not. This tour is a standard all-over-Europe tour to places we’ve already been, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about it! I’d love to play in Hawaii on one of those cruises. That would be mental!

HXC: Any thoughts on a Disney cover album? I’d be the first to buy that one. But really, who would you cover next if you had to?

Aaron Matts: We’re gonna steer clear of covers from now on. But if we HAD to, my personal choice would be an Eminem track or something with challenging vocal patterns. That would be super fun!

HXC: On a more serious topic, I know the attacks in Paris fueled some of the writing in this album. It’s evident in the lyrics and title. What else inspired you and what can listeners take away from The Resilient?

Aaron Matts: Definitely man. It’s not just the situation here in France that has inspired this record, it’s the political climate around the globe, too. We seem to be living in tense times and there’s a real divide between people these days. This has played a huge part in the record’s theme. Mostly though, we’ve been inspired by our own downfalls and our motivation to always get back up and try harder.


HXC: We at HXC Magazine are all about supporting the local scene. Other than yourselves, who else is killing it in the Parisian/ French hardcore or metal world? I suppose you can just give me your favorite upcoming band since you guys are global.

Aaron Matts: I’m gonna keep it French and go with a band called Novelists. They are great. I used to manage them a couple of years back, and they have found their wings and [are] doing great things. Check them out!

HXC: I’ve never been to Europe, but I hear kebabs are good in Berlin. Aaron, is the food better in Leicester or Paris? Tell me your favorite places to eat.

Aaron Matts: Kebabs are fantastic in Berlin!! Haha come on man, food in Paris is world renowned, I doubt you’ve ever heard of a gourmet Leicester dish, haha! I like typical British food, but let’s be honest, it’s a bit shit! I try to eat the local dish of wherever I am on the road, and more importantly I try to drink the local alcohol…

HXC: We’re also curious about what guys making symphonic death metalcore do for fun. What are some of your hobbies?

Aaron Matts: I like just being around with friends with good food and drink. I also like to skateboard. The other guys have their own hobbies like, of course, writing music, playing video games, art – we’re a diverse bunch. I don’t even know how we’re still friends, haha!


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