RECORD REVIEW: Fit For An Autopsy Confront Current Events with ‘The Great Collapse’

Fit For An Autopsy’s fourth studio album is the manifestation of years of global tragedies and catastrophes that have come to a boiling point for the band. The Great Collapse sounds like how you feel if you’re fed up with hearing about bombings, unusually destructive natural events, and everything terrible in between.

“When the Bulbs Burn Out” begins with the recorded voice of Leonardo DiCaprio discussing how manmade climate change has caused and continues to cause damage to our planet. Other tracks question the way some people are living in constant fear and vigilance, while others force you to think about how our actions or inactions can affect the lives of others. “Iron Moon” asks if “you remember the day when we didn’t have to look over our shoulder.” “Empty Still” wants to know “how do you tell them apart when you tear them apart?” These last two tracks are the strongest on the record, possibly because there’s so much truth and passion behind them.

For as much as Fit For An Autopsy declare their disgust with humanity and a fondness for destruction through their music, there is a yearning for betterment and an end to the senseless problems we cause. And yet, for the better, this album does not come across like a public service announcement. It feels honest, and that makes The Great Collapse great. It’s the wonderful result of the terrible things that shaped it. Fit For An Autopsy need to be listened to and it’s clear they’re still on the rise.

Four and Half Star Rating

by David Marulanda

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