REVIEW: Motionless In White Take Things Up A Notch With ‘Graveyard Shift’

Motionless In White are back yet again with their new release, Graveyard Shift.  This band has always had a knack for genre transition, and Graveyard Shift is no exception.  They stay on the industrial path they’ve been going down with tracks like “Queen For Queen” and “Necessary Evil,” the latter of which features Jonathan Davis, frontman of Nu-Metal juggernaut, Korn.  MIW also introduce a more punk-inspired vibe on their single, Loud(Fuck It).”  Most refreshing to hear is that they’re not afraid to still get heavy, which is obviously apparent on the ironically titled, “Soft.”

Motionless In White are a band that are famous for not caring what people think of them, and saying whatever they want or feel needs to be said.  “Not My Type (Dead As F**K Pt. 2)” is a perfect example of this, with it’s macabre lyrics and instrumentals reminiscent of a haunted house or horror movie. Anyone will get chills when they hear vocalist Chris Motionless eerily sing, “She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk.”

This album effortlessly blends everything we’ve come to expect from Motionless In White while adding some new twists.  They took their fair share of risks, and each one payed off in one way or another, meshing together flawlessly. All in all Graveyard Shift has serious potential to be an album of the year candidate as well as possibly the best album of Motionless In White’s career.  If you’re a fan of metalcore, hard rock, metal, industrial or all of the above, do yourself a favor and give this record a listen. It has something for everybody and deserves serious props for each song sounding different, but still remaining Motionless In White.

Five Star Rating

By Trey Ruiz

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