PREMIERE: Singaya Release Brand New Material

Eager for a punk fix? Check out two brand new songs from New Jersey band Singaya that we’re premiering exclusively right here on HXC Magazine! The two new songs, “Toxic” and “Get Away,” are hard-hitting punk jams that aren’t afraid to get a little heavier. Fans of The Offspring and fans of metal and hardcore can all get in on these tracks. Listen to the brand spankin’ new songs right here and see what the band have to say about the new material below. You can also watch their music video for previously released song¬†“You’ve Got The Bite.”

“We just got out of the studio with producer Stephen Kellner (Van Atta High, Born Cages) finishing up on two brand new singles “Get Away” and “Toxic” we are very excited to be releasing these songs for all you guys can’t wait to hear some reactions.

“Toxic” is about being in a relationship were you know you guys aren’t right for each other but you stay together because you don’t know any better and are afraid of being alone. “Get Away” is about drug use and lying to yourself about having a problem, trying to get clean and just falling right back into the [same] lifestyle.”

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