Zoume Reveal Future Plans, 2018 Full-Length

One of the most loved heavy bands in the New York City scene, Zoume, are making some big plans and they want to fill you in! In this video they talk upcoming shows/festivals, their 2018 full-length record, and what to expect of their sound from here on out.

You started to explain your sound change for the 2018 album. Can you go more into detail about that? 

Our sound change for our album coming in 2018 is going to be a change people either love or hate.  One thing is for sure and that’s that we love it more than anything we’ve written before.  Our band has done a great job on adding diversity to our sound throughout the years but now it’s time we expand that even more and grow along with our music and fans.  We understand we’re getting new young fans everyday that love heavy stuff we’ve put out, so that’s why we’re not completely abandoning our aggressive sound, it’s just going to be done differently.  This new heavy sound our new music has, will hit you emotionally harder than any breakdown we could ever have.  It’s going back to our roots at the end of the day and going for a sound similar to the bands that inspired us very early on, even before [our] teenage years.  We want our music to reach everyone not just one crowd.  We want to be in the conversation with your favorite bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Pvris, The 1975, etc.  It just feels so right to do this now and luckily enough it needs to happen now for us.  I hope that gives everyone a better understanding of what we’re going for.
Who else is going to be on that August Fest?

It’s a two day festival called Golden Hearts, with day one leaning towards purely heavier acts and day two being a little bit of everything, including us.  Some of the bands playing our date include Shallow Views, Approaching Troy, In Loving Memory, Monument of a Memory, and Anahata.  A lot of these bands are bands we’ve played with throughout the years or have been working to play with for the longest.  Now we’re all playing a show together at one of NYC’s biggest and most popular venues, Gramercy Theater.  I think what’s so amazing about this show it that it’s taking some of, if not the best up and coming bands from the tri-state area and bringing them all together for one huge show.  We’ve seen each other grown as musicians and seen our fan bases expand over the years.  The last time NYC had a show like this we had the honor to headline.  Working together with the other bands and Leonel Salcedo, the promoter for Golden Hearts and our last Gramercy show, it sold out.  People that come to Golden Hearts can expect to see the best sets every band performing has done to date and music from all over the spectrum, from heavy to mellow to everything in between.  Golden Hearts is a show that will show off the diversity of the scene and what can happen when bands from the tri-state area unite and it’s def not a show you’ll want to miss.

How do you think you are helping to change the NYC scene for the better? What do you expect to happen for the scene in the next couple years?

Bringing everyone together and opening their minds to a new type of music is how we hope to help change NYC for the better.  Our scene has changed a lot because of our band and others who continue to grow with us.  The NYC scene hasn’t been that accepting of bands of other genres which is why it’s been dying out.  A lot of us are going to progress and a lot of us are going to stay left behind, that’s just the way it is.  We can’t look back anymore if no one wants to more forward and evolve.  It’s really unpredictable to say what’s going to happen with our scene in a couple years, it’s really up to new young bands to spark something new.
Why are you looking forward to playing HXC Mag’s Benefit Show? Why should people come?

We’re excited to play the HXC benefit show because it’s a great cause and there’s so many great local bands playing alongside us!  This is the show to be at to catch a lot of the great talent from the east coast all in one spot and let music unite all of us for a summer night.  It’s also our first time playing Philly, as during our tour van issues caused us to show up late to the Philly date.  Come out, enjoy all the bands and let’s have a summer to remember!

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